Drums & Shows


Komodo formed in 2001, of members Per Svenner, Sebastian Ring, Isak Widmark, Peter Lönnqvist and Petri Heikura, all experienced percussionists glancing at theatrical expressions. Komodo combines the rhythm of life with theatre, movement, humour, drama and joy – all the essential parts of life – in shows and numbers in unexpected as well as conventional settings.

Crispy, playful and with a large spoonful of passion. Through the years the group har performed at several theaters and festivals in Sweden as well as around Europe with their show "Kabaré Kalabalik".

Komodo is continuously developing their musical and theatrical expressions, and just as you think you have figured them out they will arrive in another disguise. But no matter the context, they are always delivering amusing, breathtaking, sparkling drumshows.


Kabaré Kalabalik

Kabaré Kalabalik is a maximized, minimalistic, bombastic fusion of drums, comedy and insanity. You are about to meet a bunch of exentric characters who, in a old-school cabaret way, will make your world spin. You may not feel safe, and no one knows what will happen or why, but it does.

With a little help from a veritable arsenal of drums and their bodies, Komodo will rock the stage from top to bottom with tremendous energy, using their considerable stage prescence to bridge the gap to their audience to make them laugh, cry and scream.